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    🔔AMA BC Blue Sky Ventures & Real Realm

    On December 28th, 2021, our community had a chance to Ali – Global Community Manager of Real Realm to join in an AMA to give fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of Real Realm – is a blockchain-based war strategy with unique algorithms. Players can experience and earn from our diverse features, various battle modes, including PVE, PVP, and the competitive Tournament.
    Time: 08:00 AM UTC / 15:00 PM UTC +7 Tuesday, December 28th, 2021
    Reward: 100$
    Part 1: Project Introduction.
    Question 1: Can you briefly explain what is Real Realm exactly? What’s so special about it?

    Ali: Real Realm is a Blockchain-Based war strategy game. Acknowledging the enormous potential in the world of blockchain,
    Real Realm is now aiming to be an innovative blockchain-based game that naturally applies Free-to-play and Play-to-enjoy mechanisms by unique algorithms. Joining the game, players have great opportunities to collect, raise, and build a land-based kingdom for their NFT heroes – the Mies.
    Question 2: Could you tell us what’s going on in Real Realm currently? What are the important updates? 
    Ali: Actually, there are many things going on in the Real Realm right now, one of the important ones is, we’ve recently opened Close Beta Mainnet for the whitelisted users and now it’s possible for them the test out the game.
    So we’ll be looking for feedback from them and improve Real Realm before we fully launch the game. 
    Also recently we’ve opened our marketplace where users can go and trade their NFT boxes, it’s completely up to them to price these boxes and we only get 1% of the fee from these trades. 
    Another thing I would like to talk about is every day we’re organizing “Daily Airdrop” so it’s one of the ways to earn some Real token just by doing simple tasks. I would highly suggest users take a part in them. 
    For more updates please take a look at our spotlight:
    Question 3: Could you tell us more about Races in Real Realm?
    Ali: Real Realm has a fantastic universe that is home to many different races. There are four main races within the game: humans, elves, orc, and the undead. 
    All of the races have their special advantages and disadvantages. There are different strengths and special talents of each race. The players must use these features strategically in order to achieve victory in battle.
    Question 4:What about the Gameplay mechanisms, what type of opportunities do we have in Real Realm world? 
    Ali: Real Realm Universe contains various battle modes and features that are promising to satisfy the needs of all types of players.
    The game offers various forms of battles to fit with all types of users, whether they are seeking a Free-to-play, Play-to-feel, or Hardcore game. The diverse battle system in our universe includes PvE, PvP, Scholar and Co-op modes.
    The scholarship program is beneficial for both parties involved. The Scholar, who has time and skill to play the game but has limited resources will have a chance to battle with more advanced warriors and gain more significant rewards. 
    Tournaments, The Mentorship program, The Scholarship program all have something in common. All those features allow the players to make alliances and work together to have a more enjoyable gaming experience.
    Question 5: How can a player enrich their NFT portfolio? 
    Ali: One of the most important features of the game is that every player has a chance to enrich their NFT portfolio by adding new Mies into it. There will be sales on the marketplace in which the players can purchase valuable Mies using their REAL tokens. 
    REAL tokens can be gained by the free-to-play players by completing new tasks, so buying new NFTs from the marketplace is an option available for everyone. The players can also collect new Mies by completing some milestones. They also have the ability to diversify their existing Mies by using various equipment or Runes in the game.
    Part 2: Guests will choose 3 best live questions from members to answer directly in the group
    Question 1: Is your project only for English speaking countries or is there a community for other language users? @VallieRawlins55
    Ali: Sure we do have our local communities as well. You can see the list here;
    Our Local Communities
    Vietnam- @realrealmvietnam
    Indonesian- @realrealmindonesia
    Indian- @realrealmindia
    Chinese- @realrealmchinese
    Bangladesh- @realrealmbangladesh
    Frencha- @realrealmfrance
    Brasil- @realrealmbrazil
    Question 2: Truly, you’ve done AMA in many telegram groups, so what next, what other way will you make your project more popular? @Juliana_engle_17
    Ali: At the moment we’re already in touch with many KOLs and also new websites. Our game launch is going to happen soon and once it’s done we’ll send it out to them to test our our game so we believe that will provide us very good exposure.
    Question 3: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIP so far and upcoming partnerships? @Alida_quigley
    Ali: You can see all our current partners here:
    Regarding new ones please keep following our social media accounts.
    For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information or ask directly to them on the links provided below:
    Telegram channel:

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