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    AMA Recap: BC Blue Sky Ventures & Dragon Verse

    On December 10th, 2021, our community had a chance to Ms. Gwen – Leader Of Vietnamese team to join in an AMA to give fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of Dragon Verse – an upcoming Play-to-earn game with PvP/PvE Genre, built on Binance Smart Chain to take advantage of low fees, fast transaction speed, and large user base. Prepare all the weapons for your Dragon Pet and gather your strength to fight against Dark Lord Dragon and other players!
    🗓Time: 1:30 PM UTC / 8:30 PM UTC +7 Friday, December 10th, 2021
    🎁Reward: 100$
    ➡️Part 1: Project Introduction.
    Q1. First, can you tell us a little bit about your management team and Dragon Verse?
    Yes, hello everyone. I would like to introduce myself as the Vietnamese Community Leader from Dragon Verse project
    I’m in the VN branch
    and the Global team will have global Devs from many parts of the world
    team global is anonymous
    Q2: Please share a few key milestones of Dragon Verse in its development
    This game is currently quite potential, it is on the right roadmap

    During the second quarter of this year, the third quarter of this year was mainly running game development
    This fourth quarter is December will have these steps
    This team will have a Pre-sale
    -> List to CG, CMC
    -> Staking to attract players, keep coin price
    -> Launch NFT Box to buy
    -> Release Test Beta game
    -> Launching NFT Marketplace to buy and sell above
    May I ask if I currently see the project with IDO on pinksale
    Besides pinksale, does Dragon Verse have any other launchpad IDO plans?
    Currently, Dragon Verse only has a public Pre-sale on Pinksale!
    Q3: Can you share with the party your expansion plan in the country as well as in the world?
    yes, but first to let everyone understand why this project has enough potential to scale on world crypto communities, I will briefly introduce what the project has.
    The goal of the platform is to follow the concept of play for money (P2E), where users get the benefit of playing games in its ecosystem. Dragon Verse combines three crypto concepts into one platform: Defi, Gamefi and NFT.
    Dragon Verse = NFTs + GameFi + P2E Alliance + Staking
    This is a P2E game that has a game and is in the testing phase of the game on testnet, you can rest assured

    everyone will see on PinkSale it has successfully displayed the word KYC
    prestige, has been exposed to the big floors
    so i’m not scared
    Currently here is pushing the airdrop, 2 more days to close the form, everyone hurry up to join the airdrop! Link to join:
    This baby has a very low supply, because the global team makes games, so I want to keep the price of this baby high, not to give much inflation
    The Airdrop form has nearly 100,000 participants already, but here they will only choose 1200 valid forms
    Guys hurry in to earn more, this baby has finished pre-sale, the list is finished, it pumped hard because there is already a game
    In addition to the AIRDROP part, this coming December 12 at 15 pm VN, Dragon Verse will launch a Public Pre-sale event for the community to buy.
    Link Pre-sale:

    everyone can come here to see the game trailer, it has ok graphics, nice visual graphics, good, the game runs smoothly
    This Pre-sale accounted for 3.5%, selling Soft cap 750 BNB, Hard cap 1500 BNB
    where 1 BNB = 7,000 DRV
    Min buy = 0.1 BNB
    Max buy = 5 BNB
    normal like other projects it pushes max buy 10 BNB
    but here push 5 BNB to give more people a place to buy

    Tokens are also locked
    The global team wants to push this to the top 😂
    yeah, the global team is very good
    supply is low
    quite reputable
    On pinksale it allows you to check information, please click on the link to see more
    Contract of this Dragon: 0xcD9442d70Eb0E6ecf26919E62278Fc4Fd24C3Ed2
    To play games + trade on the floor, I use 1 coin as DRV
    in which the global team lead’s token allocation strategy is quite clear

    Currently, there is an Airdrop with closed form for 2 more days, at the same time, SALE BEFORE 12/12
    should participate in pre-sale from time because under this program there will be 2-3 coin price increases
    not feature to is inside team global them
    Q: In addition to the pancakeswap list, does Dragon Verse plan to list decentralized exchanges? To increase liquidity, more investors can buy and sell

    After the pre-sale is over, DRV will immediately list it on Pancakeswap
    It’s pretty easy for people to trade there
    In addition, the team will also develop its own NFT Trading market system in the ecosystem
    so that everyone can buy and sell dragons + NFT box above
    The market will use DRV for transactions
    The ecosystem of this Dragon team is strong
    Some of the features that define the Dragon Verse Ecosystem include:
    NFT Staking
    The function that allows gamers to put $DRV in and get profit (interest)
    NFT Marketplace
    Players can sell or trade their Dragons on the market. Moreover, you can get other better dragons with affordable price in this market.
    Of course, the main reason for launching Dragon Verse is to offer monetization options. Keeping Dragons and DRV coins can both be sources of income for players.
    PVE & PVP . MODE
    PVE uses a story mode, which involves gamers fighting dragons against the Dark Lord Dragon. PVP is where you play fighting with another player. Whoever destroys the opponent is the winner.
    The network will ensure that the DRV coin remains deflationary in the long run. It will charge a 6% trading tax and add it to the liquidity pools.

    In addition to the NFT market, there is also a STAKING mechanism
    I have DRV
    From playing games or buying ready-made, I put in Stake and get interest
    It’s pretty much like going to the bank
    There is also Dragon Fusion – Dragon Fusion
    Dragon Matching mechanism is quite similar to Rici but simpler, I take 2 dragons of the same level together
    then it turns out a higher level dragon
    Here is the ratio

    To explain their strategy more clearly, I will talk about the GAME MECHANISM for you to understand

    As you can see, the game has a character system of 5 main characters
    Each of these characters will have its own system

    There will be 5 attribute systems ranked from weak to strong:
    Water -> Earth -> Fire -> Light -> Darkness

    This is a review of a game using characters
    In the game, each character will have 5 levels to evolve
    level 5 will be the strongest
    The game map has a total of 10 maps, now the dev side has 3 maps
    testing the game to perfect the maps
    Each Map will have 10 rounds -> fight until the 10th round is Boss battle

    This is monster fighting mode (PvE)

    This is Boss mode
    I will have 2 game modes: Dragon vs Monster or Dragon vs Dragon of other players
    PvE / PvP
    Simple game, easy to play, easy to make money
    There are 2 buttons to play, Attack and Potion
    Attack to attack the opponent (cooldown is about 5s)
    Potion to heal, can buy more auxiliary items to heal faster, fight easier to win

    To play this game I need:
    1. buy DRV
    2. go to its marketplace to buy NFT Box (approximately $250 each)
    3. Break the NFT Box to get a dragon -> random from lvl 1 to lvl 5
    4. Bring the dragon into the battle game -> if you win, you will receive Rewards as Token
    tokens can be claimed on the trading wallet
    and the dragon has already played, there are 2 ways:
    1. Sell, trade on Marketplace
    2. Combine dragons to get 1 higher level
    play easier to win
    This game has a lot of good things to participate in, with a pretty simple mechanism
    Every month there is a ranking for giving tokens, and there is a World Tournament too
    Think about it, if it’s fine, go to the pre-sale and wait there
    If not, buy the game
    Tournament wins rankings, then eat rewards
    In addition, the global team is also developing Metaverse Real Estate
    After buying the land, the player has the right to use that land to lease it back, or organize a tournament
    let other players join to get money

    To learn more about this game, people can visit:
    – Tele group:
    – Tele Channel:
    Update the latest situation
    ➡️Part 2: Question From Twitter (5 best questions).
    Q1: @mandookkk
    For the most part, P2E games have a high entry fee to build a starter in the game by purchasing characters, items, and weapons. So, how much will we invest in Dragon Verse first to start the game? Can we guarantee profitability under each gameplay revenue model?
    that’s right, to participate in the game, I need to buy ready-made DRV coins, then buy 1 box of NFT ~ $250
    Open the box and you can get 1 dragon to join the game
    Q2: @lorutyu
    There is currently stiff competition for space between PVP and PVE games. What advantages does the combination of NFT technology and next-generation IDLE RPG give DRVE over other similar games, and what sets it apart from others?
    The biggest difference is the organization of tournaments for players to participate in all over the world
    and implement ranking mode, play into a real game world
    comes with the ability to trade NFT dragons + NFT Boxes on both platforms, Binance + NFT Marketplace
    NFT may go up in price
    1000-2000$ later
    depending on the number of players + trading volume of DRV
    because future sales of NFT boxes will follow a limit selling strategy
    do not sell mass
    Q3. @imwiiw27
    The token of Dragon Verse is $DRV. Its total supply, according to tokenomics, is 300,000,000. How do you reasonably intend to deflate the overall supply to keep the token price up?
    This is a good question
    Currently, the dev team will have 2 main directions to deflate:
    – NFT boxes: 1 person buys NFT boxes at a time
    -> The DRV money used to pay for that will:
    + 50% burn immediately -> reduce inflation
    + 10% on Dev development pool
    + 10% on marketing
    + 30% on 2 Game Rewards & Staking
    direction 2: Staking
    staking to gather DRV in the market and make it easier to control
    dump rack
    mainly to keep the stability of copper in the market
    and the third direction we are testing is to set limits for players per day
    When burning the supply continuously, it will ensure to reduce inflation
    add staking to control money flow in the market
    Q4. @jhon_2390
    Q3 2021 research, development and integration of games in blockchain. They requested to check smart contract from Solidproof and received KYC token from Pinksale. Do you estimate doing multiple tests on Dragonverse smart contract? Security layers?
    Currently, the team has successfully performed Audit + KYC from 2 famous platforms, so you can rest assured
    And the security tests will be focused mainly on protecting the game
    and players
    That’s the project’s top priority
    Q5. @Riyamow
    The project’s Staking and Yield Farming mechanism attracts a lot of interest from investors to earn passive income. Can you tell us about the passive income opportunities it will bring to investors and its advantages over other alternatives?
    The Staking mechanism will be one of the bright spots that benefits individual investors and the community in general
    because of:
    1. It follows the mechanism of paying interest on savings
    2. It helps the supply in the market to concentrate, not to be flooded, helping to keep the good price of DRV
    3. It creates stimulation for investors to have more money + interest in long-term projects, the whole community is developed
    1 A special advantage of the Dragon Verse Staking mechanism is the Commission Referral bonus system
    This mechanism will help investors in the project not only have more passive income but also expand the market
    help me get more investors
    ➡️Part 3: Free asking (5 best questions)
    Q1: @vohadong
    Where can i buy token ?
    Currently the global team is having a pre-sale on 12/12 15PM VN:
    …for sale Soft cap 750 BNB, Hard cap 1500 BNB
    in which 1 BNB = 7,000 DRV guys
    Min buy = 0.1 BNB
    Max buy = 5 BNB
    Q2: @camnghibay
    What are the important social media links to follow announcement of your projects ?
    TG: @Dragonverse_Ann
    Tele group:
    Contract: 0xcd9442d70eb0e6ecf26919e62278fc4fd24c3ed2
    Contact: @BrianJWhite @elliecrypto68
    Q3: @Sheilaa_Rizu2
    Will the future pioneer make its own exchange or dapps like pancaDragonVerse, julswap, breadswap??
    There will definitely be! The DRV side will have its own swap floor
    Q4: @Tess_Savillea
    Projects that are not traded on major exchanges remain unnoticed. What do you think about listing tokens on major exchanges?
    I’m sure there will be, the goal of DRV to list on CEX is
    As for getting noticed, it completely depends on the development + the project’s commitment to the community
    make the game ok, smooth, the mechanism is ok, beneficial to the community, it will naturally be hot
    Q5: @haococo
    What are your marketing strategies and how will you have a global expansion and adoption fo your project where English is not spoken?What are your next upcoming priorities? What is in your roadmap ?
    Yes, I am currently one of the leaders connected and assigned by the global team to develop the VN community
    In addition, there are leaders from other countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Korea, and South Africa
    here work will follow the system and connect with people who can do good for the system in that country
    1 complete leader per country
    so don’t worry
    For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information or ask directly to them on the links provided below:
    🔹Telegram Group:
    🔹Telegram Group VN:

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