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    AMA Recap: BC Blue Sky Ventures & FootBallCoin

    🔔Recap AMA BC Blue Sky Ventures & FootBallCoin
    🗓Time: 02:00 PM UTC / 21:00 PM UTC +7 Tuesday, January 18th, 2022
    🎤Guest: Hong Nguyen – CEO Of FootBallCoin
    🎁Reward: 100$
    Footballcoin – is a completely new and different NFT football game based on Blockchain technology, where users can directly transform into a player with sublime skills, a talented manager with multi-tactics.
    Part 1- Project overview
    Question 1: First of all, can you introduce briefly about Footballcoin and its main core team?
    Hong Nguyen:
    ok sure
    Footballcoin is a completely new and different NFT football game based on Blockchain technology, where users can directly transform into a player with sublime skills, a talented manager with multi-tactics. Also, as a player, your mission is to participate in Friendly matches, PvC (player vs computer) or PvP (player vs player) matches to win and receive rewards and experience to be able to level up and upgrade your players.
    About our core team, they are all experts in their fields and all of their basic information has been posted on the Footballcoin website. CEO of Footballcoin is me – Hong Nguyen. I have many years working in the IT industry and a strong passion for sports and games. Another important piece in your team is our CTO – Mr,Huan Nguyen. Remarkably, he has more than 15 years of experience in building, operating, and managing e-commerce systems, social networks, research and consulting, and applying blockchain technology to practical applications.
    Question 2: Secondly, how did your team initially come up with the ideas for developing Footballcoin?
    Hong Nguyen:
    we have a kinda interesting story about it 😊
    Well, it is undoubtful that nearly half of the world’s population are fans of Football and this is a sport that has been loved by everyone, for nearly 100 years in countries around the world. Clearly, our team is not an exception. Moreover, you can see that Blockchain technology is one of the most popular topics now but there are not many sport NFT games on the market right now. Combining these two factors has led our team to the idea to start working on Footballcoin.
    Question 3: Please share your roadmap of Footballcoin in the future, is there any hot news waiting for us in the near future?
    Hong Nguyen:
    definitely yes
    our roadmap has been updated and you can view it on our official website. Basically, there are some remarkable points about the IDO and whitelist that have been scheduled for this January and the official game version will come shortly after that. More game featúe will be introduced in Q1 to keep the community engaged and entertained.
    A very important piece of news have been published by Footballcoin team yesterday. We have opened the registration for our whitelist and here is the form:
    Part 2: 5 questions pre-collected by Twitter
    Question 1: May I ask how IDO pays TGE? @10csu
    Hong Nguyen:
    first thank you for the question
    let me answer it shortly
    for the IDO vesting, in our whitepaper, we have mentioned that it will occupy 10% (total 10M tokens) over the total supply chain. Our team has limited the maximum amount one user can withdraw a day to 500 FBC. Therefore, basically, it will be vested 20 days and 500 FBC daily.
    Question 2: What Footballcoin strategy in the near and far future, i dout that every investor want to know that 🥰🚀 @jac011206
    Hong Nguyen:
    I am sure that this is an inquiry of many people not just jac
    For short-term targets, there are 4 main focuses at the moment:
    1. Fundraising & partnership development
    2. Local communities growth
    3. Game development
    4. IDO and whitelist
    A source of pride for us is that we have found wonderful partners who have supported us a lot and will keep supporting us until we realize our ambition of becoming the top NFT ecosystem globally.
    Another priority is to continue growing the local communities, especially Espanol and Asian communities. Please notice that we are running on our whitelist registration and airdrop campaign. I encourage everyone to join and receive the wonderful prize from Footballcoin.
    Whitelist registration:
    Airdrop campaign:
    For long-term vision, 2022 is forecasted to be the year of the Metaverse, and Footballcoin is just our first step in the sports Metaverse ecosystem that we are realizing. Besides football, at our Metaverse space players can experience many other sport games that can only be seen on TV or the Internet. Moreover, we will keep expanding our communities to more countries such as America, Africa, or East Asia,…
    Question 3: Why you choose Binance Smart chain? we see some chain pop up with good scalability too, then why you choose BSC? @kane__nguyen
    Hong Nguyen:
    Footballcoin was built on BSC which is currently the most popular Network for GameFi projects because of its low fees and fast transaction speed. Compare to Ethereum which has expensive transaction costs, while Polygon is not very stable, we think BSC is the right network for Footballcoin to start building early GameFi features. Combining with our technology, I believe it is highly possible to provide the most economic game in the market nowadays.
    Question 4: Can you list some of the Project’s features that set your Project ahead of its competitors? What competitive advantage does your project have that you feel most confident in? @charlesss251
    Hong Nguyen:
    interesting mate
    You will see that although Footballcoin is also a click-to-earn game, our team has put effort to come up with more functions in order to keep the players engaged with Footballcoin.
    Before taking a turn, the player will be asked to choose the most suitable tactics in order to have a higher win rate. That’s when players have to consider thoroughly and make their own decisions. We believe that it will intrigue the players and separate us from the games on the market now.
    One more thing is that our developer team has done a good job in designing and building not only an attractive but also a straightforward website that will help players to easily get used to Footballcoin. We also put much time into graphics so as to achieve the most satisfying results.
    Question 5: According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority #Foot_ball_coin? Do you have enough funds and strong community to achieve the goal? @4k_Mon0
    Hong Nguyen:
    We believe that the most important next stage for us is to successfully conduct the IDO and whitelist events. This is the stage when our team has to try our best not only to keep all the communities active and engaged but also to attract new users. Therefore, Footballcoin has come up with many interesting events such as small events for the communities every week, voice chats on our social media to gain supporters’ trust and credibility, and answering all the questions from people on telegram and other platforms,… We have always tried our best to support everyone and also make sure that there will be no mistakes happening when the game is launched.
    Part 3: Guests will choose 5 best live questions from members to answer directly in the group
    Question 1: How about IDO and Token Listing, can you tell me some detail about it? @phulam3w4r
    Hong Nguyen:
    Hello mate, at this moment, we have not published information about IDO and token listing yet, there are some basic information about the tokenomics that you can take a look at in our whitepaper

    Also, I highly recommend you to join our airdrop and whitelist registration here
    Whitelist registration:
    Airdrop campaign:
    Question 2: Is NFT player in Footballcoin can upgrade? @jukysan312
    Hong Nguyen:
    this is also one interesting feature in Footballcoin too mate. The players who participate and win matches will receive experience points to increase their level. When they reach level 40 corresponding to 4*, they can buy cards to upgrade to a legendary player.
    Note that every time you go up 10 levels, the player will increase 1* correspondingly.
    Question 3: Can you share to us your tokenomics? How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens? Will there be buy back system or token burning in the future? @lianoyg
    Hong Nguyen:
    hello, this information has been included in our whitepaper but generally, the total supply will be 100M with the proportion divided like this

    About the buyback and burning system, it surely will happen but at the moment, we do not have any specific information about it. The announcement will be soon made by Footballcoin team so make sure to follow our social media to keep track with latest news from us.
    Question 4: (Question Deleted) 
    Hong Nguyen:
    At this point, we want to put effort into growing our communities. Our team firmly believes that the love and support from the communities is the main reason leading to the success of one project. Therefore, we are taking great care of each community to ensure that all the inquiries and questions from users are responed to as fast and accurate as possible. Trust and credibility will be built throughout that process and new users will come via friend’s invatations or our marketing events.
    Question 5:Where can I currently buy Token? @eladiatruong1990
    Hong Nguyen:
    at this point, we have not listed our token yet. But you have a great chance to buy FBC sooner if you are luckily selected to win a whitelist slot.
    so why not join with us and give it a chance?
    here is the link for the form:
    Global Group:

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