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    BC Blue Sky Ventures With Starmon: AMA Recap

    On August 31th 2021, our community had a chance to welcome Francis – Game Designer Of Starmon to join in an AMA to give fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of Starmon is an online role-playing game with integrated blockchain technology.
    Time: 13:00 PM UTC / 20:00 PM UTC +7, Tuesday, August 31th, 2021
    Airdrop: 100$ for the best questions in the AMA..

    Part 1: Project and Guest Introduction.
    Question 1: Firstly, can you give me brief introduction about your management team and StarMon?
    Francis: The GameFi wave has hit the market severely. If 2020 is the first year of the DeFi outbreak, then 2021 is undoubtedly the first year of the GameFi . The concept of “metaverse/metaverse” emerged. “Metaverse+” became a new trend sweeping the Internet, VR/AR, and financial and investment industries. For a while, mankind seemed to have opened the “interstellar era” of the virtual universe.
    After GameFi detonated the market, many related projects appeared, but there were very few projects with high quality and playability. To develop a high visual quality, high playability, and make money while playing, this is our original intention to start StarMon.
    Question 2: Please share a few major milestones of StarMon during its development process
    Francis: The project has only been more than half a month
    At present, we have cooperated with many media platforms, and the official website has been launched:

    Many key opinion leaders expressed their optimism:

    Question 3: Could you share with us your plan to expand locally as well as globally?
    Francis: StarMon community members come from many countries and regions. We have volunteers in each region. We plan to do different special activities for specific regions. We hope that more people will pay attention to StarMon.
    Part 2: 5 questions pre-collected by Twitter post.
    Question 1: @Saramsallyae
    Security is a key factor in game platforms such as StarMon. What security positions are included on the platform to channel all assets and products from key partners as well as gamers? How and will there be no vulnerable attacks?

    Francis: The first is the review of the contract. For more information, please pay attention to the official. The second point is multi-party protection. Team members have minimal contact with project asset funds and multiple wallet addresses to ensure the safety of user funds.
    Question 2: @ChiTinh101
    Almost 2/3 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project.

    Francis: This is the real market. As a team member, we must respect the market, but we must not be limited to the market. Many of our efforts may not be seen by users and the market will not respond. However, we must do a good job in the future with our heart. No Care about small gains and losses
    Question 3: @Anime39595
    Can you introduce the specific gameplay of the game. Since the vision of the project is to let the player Play To Earn, what are the ways for the player to Earn? Can you give us a detailed introduction?

    Francis: First of all, I want to talk about the two core tokens of the game, and then I will elaborate on the main ways players Earn.
    StarMon will issue two tokens, SMON and GST. SMON serves as a governance token: One is to motivate players to actively participate in the game.
    The other is to achieve the decentralization of “StarMon”, allowing currency holders to become the owners of the future development of the game.
    The GST is mainly used for the consumption part such as star pet breeding in the game.
    1) Battle mode: The battle mode is divided into single player mode, multiplayer mode and tournament. Players can get SMON and GST rewards in the battle game.
    2) Adventure mode: Players can lead the Starmon team through levels and win rewards.
    3) Breeding mode: Sell new born starmons and get corresponding token fees.
    4) Season mode: The top-ranked player system will get rich rewards.
    5) NFT mode: You can sell corresponding items and even plots.
    Question 4: @BENSTOCK26
    Typically, investors buy tokens that are likely to increase in price in the future. I saw that, total supply of the token is huge.
    So, do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase

    Francis: Yes, there are two main aspects, one is repurchase and the other is burned. Regarding repurchase: A part of the funds from the blind box auction will be used for repurchase. Regarding burned: the handling fee of the NFT trading market and the reproduction module in the game The charge will be used for burning
    Question 5: @Mandolla5
    VR & Role Playing Games(RPG) are the next hot trend in the Gaming Space right now. And most of the gaming platforms introduce different games with unique features on their platform. I wonder if StarMon has any plans to introduce VR & RPG games on their platform?

    Francis: Good question, this is the direction we are considering in the future. We hope that there will be more real-world applications to break the boundary between reality and different dimensions.
    Question 1: 1-Increasing Token price 2- make Token Valuable 3-Building Community Trust From 3 aspects above. I want to ask, which one the most important for you?If all above are important for you, which one that Will you do first? @bonnava
    Francis: 2 is the most important ,2 is what I want to do first, because when SMON is valuable, I believe that community members will trust SMON and the price will rise
    Question 2: Can I buy your tokens right now and also which wallet support your token?🌹🌹🌹 @Hello2971

    Question 3: Do you have a coin burn / buyback system or do you plan to increase the value of those token burn tokens and attract investors to invest? @GinnyGallagher
    Francis: We will do the repurchase and burning of tokens. Part of the funds from the blind box auction will be used for repurchase, and part of the expenses incurred in the NFT trading market will be used for token burning.
    Question 4: What are your plans on Global adoption? What is the next goal you want to achieve? Where will your main development market be? @LyzoIda
    Francis: Our community members come from all over the world, and there are volunteers from various countries, we will continue to expand in the future
    Question 5: Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project? @IMOJI_1234
    Francis:  A very important part of community governance, we will respect the opinions of community members and will initiate voting activities to govern the project with community members to make the project better
    For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information or ask directly to them on the links provided below:
    Global Group:
    Vietnam Group:
    Phillipine Group:

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