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    Recap: AMA BC Blue Sky Ventures & Mama Coco

    On September 13rd 2021, our community had a chance to welcome Ms. Mama Coco – Founder Of Mama Coco – Token is here to take care of your investment. While other projects make you stare at the chart, we offer you passive income for holding MAMA COCO.
    Time: 15:00 AM UTC Monday, September 13rd, 2021 / 22:00 PM UTC +7, monday, September 13th, 2021
    🎁Reward: 100 BUSD
    Project overview
    First Question : Firstly, can you give me brief introduction about your management team and Mama Coco ?
    Our team combine has over 6 years of cryptocurrency background knowledge, very knowledge in the blockchain industry. We also have a crypto lawyer on board to provide safety for our investors. Mama Coco is a reward token that distribute btt rewards with real use case and utility.
    Question 2 : Please share a few major milestones of Mama Coco during its development process
    Mama Coco has successful grow an organic telegram group of 660 members, we have done some marketing through twitter influencer, facebook and Instagram.
    we are currently in development stage of our mobile game app which will be ready early q4 which all andriod and ios users can play

    Question 3 : Could you share with us your plan to expand locally as well as globally?
    Mama Coco planned to go locally and globally, but we don’t want to over promise and under undelivered our investors we will gradually share our plans as days and months go on.
    we are in talks with several local business for partnership with mama coco currently
    1️⃣ Raise your questions on twitter right now!
    First Question : Could you explain to us in simple terms what is the purpose of “Mama Coco’ ? What is the strongest advantage that you think will make this team lead the market? How will you attract investors and build the trust and win the hearts of millions of people in your project?
    Mama Coco is here to provide generational wealth to holders, and change lives of orphanage. Mama coco goal is to provide a better life for orphanage all around the world starting off with Vietnam. Our virtual land development will be huge. Investors will make good potential profits. Mama coco planned to go locally and globally.
    we have a huge merch store that is currently getting developed 50% of our sales will go to orphanages
    Question 2 . During the project development, is everything going according to your plan? Are there any technical barriers that you think could pose limitations for mass adoption and expansion of “Mama Coco’ ?
    During the development of mama coco everything is going according as plan, we have back our launch date to have a smooth launch and deliver more to our investors when we launch.
    we are getting 2 audits done before we launch to ensure everyone safety
    Question 3 . Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us?
    No, we don’t have tutorial video on Mama Coco, We will have a video in the near future for our development of our virtual land NFT. Our graphic designer is working on a couple of Mama Coco videos at the moment.
    we are also getting a youtube video on how to buy mama coco in Vietnamese edition made and will be ready before launch
    Question 4 . I was try to find information about your roadmap but no more information. Could you tell us your short term expectations? Do you think that Mama Coco in the future can perform better and get involved in more projects?
    First of all our road map is listed on our website at
    Mama Coco token is in the progress of developing a mobile game app on android and ios for our Q4 Roadmap. We are also working on developing NFT and a huge merch store for q4 road map. Q1 we are excepting a preview of our virtual land gaming and presale for plot.
    we dont want to over promise and under delivered our investors on time frame with virtual land will be available as it is a long process to develop
    Question 5. Marketing is a central element for every project. so that everyone knows the potential that a project, can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor, to your project and keep them long term??,”
    Our marketing team has marketing planned to attract crypto investors and non crypto investors globally. We can share to to much about our marketing plans, we don’t want any copy cats copying us.
    our main marketing is our mobile game which will attract non crypto users and direct them to our channel
    2️⃣Free Q&A at BC Blue Sky Ventures
    Q1: I want to invest in your project. But I have a little doubt. Can you please assure us that like other scam projects, there is no possibility of cheating?Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?
    We don’t have a buy back or coin burn system, I am fully doxxed and will be doxxed to a kyc company. I am will known in this crypto space as well
    Q2: Have you being audited ? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds,scams and rug pulls ? How strongly built are your security put in place?
    We are correctly working on our contract at the moment we have made some changes into our Tokenomics and will be notify our investors in 48 hours, will be getting audit done with 2 companys before we launch and have a crypto lawyer on board to ensure everyone safety
    Q3: Hello sir, My question is: Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like your?
    I have many ideas before I started mama coco, but what drive me to make mama coco come to reality is the orphanage and the generational wealth mama coco will provide for my investors. I have been working around the clock with few hours of sleep to make this project come to reality. And will not stop working to change these orphanages lives as we have something big in the NFT world that will help these orphanage
    But can’t share to many details at the moment we don’t want copy cats
    Q4:  Can I buy your tokens right now, and if so, which wallets do yoou support? Can you tell me about your team’s history? How will you and your team complete this project in the midst of the current pandemic (COV-19)?
    Our project isn’t launch yet, No you can’t buy it right now presale will be on September 24 and launch September 25. Through the pandemic we are still able to work. Our team is globally. We have team in Germany, Australia, USA, and I am in Canada. We have every team meetings via VC or ZOOM
    Q5: What is the structure of this project , is it decentralised or a open sourced protocol where everybody can contribute? If so, how does the governance plan on being handled?
    Mama token itself is decentralized, we are heading to Centralized as will working towards to get on to some major exchanges and local business. We will be incorporating mama coco as a business in Canada for our merch store

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