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    Recap AMA With Decubate

    On July 3rd 2021, our community had a chance to welcome Elliot Hagemeijer – CEO Of Decubate to join in an AMA to give fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of Decubate – is a community-powered investment platform that is bringing the $3 trillion global startup economy on-chain. We pair traditional web2 startups with the financial and promotional capital of community members to fuel their web3 success.
    Time: 13:00 UTC / 20:00 UTC +7, Saturday, July 3rd 2021
    Airdrop 100 USDT for the best questions in the AMA..
    Question for Part 1- Project overview
    Question 1: A BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF Decubate
    Hey everyone ���
    I’m Elliot Hagemeijer, founder and CEO of Decubate
    I’ve been in the crypto space for 5+ years. I’m still holding a single Ethereum I mined back in 2016 for under $10 – Diamond hands! I’m a product owner at heart and have worked crypto brokerages, startups etc.
    As for Decubate, we’re building a community-powered investment platform that’s bringing the $3T global startup economy on-chain.
    The Decubate platform pairs highly-vetted web2 startups with the financial and promotional capital of community members to fuel their web3 success.
    Community members (Decubate token holders) receive investment allocation and staking rewards for backing startups.
    Question 2: Please share a few major milestones of Decubate during its development process.
    Big milestones thus far have been 1. Hiring the team 2. Securing funding 3. Alpha Product
    I hired an extremely talented team with decades of combined experience in blockchain products, startup incubators, software development, and marketing.
    Fundraising has gone very well. We completed our private sale a couple weeks ago which will allow us to continue to grow and build a sustainable business. That said, I’m also counting on all of you to participate in our public sale July 6th on BSCPad, TronPad and Ignition ���
    We’re currently testing an alpha version of the Decubate platform. As a founder, it’s amazing to see your vision start to come to life!
    Excited about what’s coming up next which includes: MVP launch and first startup onboarded (August) and a ton of other announcements (DEX, CEX, AMM, etc)
    Question 3: Could you share with us your plan to expand locally as well as globally?
    Great question. I’ll address this across two dimensions, community and startups.
    Our community has been global from the start. That’s one of my favorite parts about the crypto community, it’s borderless, it’s stateless! It’s an ever growing group of people who believe that this new internet we’re building will improve lives everywhere. We’re going to continue to cultivate this community on the Decubate platform.
    As for startups, while there’s a growing trend for them to be remote-first, many of them are still geographically local (e.g. based in Silicon Valley or New York for example). Our plan is to partner with traditional startup accelerators + incubators in these locations to identify and onboard high quality startups onto Decubate. In parallel, we’re also creating a system where startups from any location can apply to join Decubate.
    Questions for Part 2 – Pre-collected questions from Twitter:

    Q1: Currently most investors only care about profits at the moment but ignore the long-term benefits. So can you give them some advice why they should buy and hold this token/coin in the long term? @gem07330708
    There are certainly many investors who solely focus on profit but I’d argue that a lot of people don’t hold long term because token utility is lacking.
    So, let’s talk about the token utility of DCB
    We focused on maximizing token utility from the start and DCB delivers a ton of value beyond its role as a platform currency.
    Voting power, staking rewards and platform rewards are just some of the additional benefits DCB token holders receive.
    I’ll go into these in a bit more detail
    Voting power – Decubate is community powered, not just from an investment standpoint but decision making as well. Token holders receive the ability to vote on which startups to back.
    Platform rewards – Community members receive airdrops, discounts and additional allocation just for holding DBC.
    Staking rewards – DCB holders can earn rewards simply for staking their tokens. We’re introducing a burn mechanism to increase scarcity and rewards.
    Sharing a full list of token utility here:
    I believe that token utility + a strong track record of startup launch success will deliver value to DCB holders.
    Q2: I read in your Medium article that for every transaction made on the Platform some tokens will be burned and the rest will go to the stake pool and not to the team like your competitors. So, how will the community receive an award in this mechanism ? @daviorec_aem2
    Maintaining DCB scarcity is important to us. Full circulation should take around 10 years but we have a burn mechanism in place for each transaction that takes place on the platform. 90% will go towards our staking pool and 10% will be burned forever. No extra tokens will ever be created after the TGE.
    Q3: In the discription it is said that Decubate is a community driven project so how can the community contribute to the progress of Decubate? Do you have a Governance model? Is there and ambassadors or bug bounty or contest we can assist in so as to enable further adoption? @KingorReview961
    Growing a strong community is a massive priority for us. For example, we had community participation in mind when we designed the reputation score, which incentivizes investor activity on our platform in exchange for status and rewards. Investors with high reputation scores will have access to additional allocation, voting power and more.
    The only prerequisite to participate in governance is to be a DCB token holder. Utility at launch will be focused on startup voting but this will continue to expand as we update the platform.
    Q4: What is the mechanism implemented to choose the startups that will join the chain and how do they guarantee users that these startups are totally safe? @ngothan53
    We have an extensive vetting process to ensure the startups that we onboard are solid. This process includes product/technology audits, business audits (revenue/DAU/MAU/etc), founder interviews and more.
    We also source startups from highly reputable incubators, accelerators and venture studios to ensure they’ve received additional diligence.
    That said, startup investments are inherently a risky proposition. High quality, well-funded startups fail all the time. The reason VCs continue to invest is that the potential financial upside is worth the risk.
    TLDR, we have a rock solid vetting process to ensure the startups on Decubate are legitimate but we can’t guarantee their success.
    Q5: Who is Decubate ‘s biggest rival? In the future, does Decubate have a plan to beat your rival or cooperate with them? I think that will be a huge step forward for Decubate @AndyNguyenx
    To my knowledge, Decubate is the first and only investment platform to focus on bringing the $3T global startup economy on-chain
    There’s a ton of competition in the web3 fundraising space from launchpads to VCs and everyone in between. That said, they exclusively back native blockchain projects.
    Creating blockchain solutions for existing startups is a massive opportunity we’re aiming to capitalize on.
    In the future, we do envision strategically partnering with launchpads to support the startups when they graduate off Decubate.
    Question 1:
    For a project development first of all main priority is having enough fund. Does your team financially capable to run this project? and Do you have enough fund for it is developement Can you tell us that how your project generate the profit? @zhonmacro
    Great question @zhonmacro like we mentioned our private sales have been extremely succesful. We have enough funds to keep us afloat for years to come. We are confident we will become self sufficient and profitable by the end of this year. This will have great impact on our token because we don’t need to sell any of it to pay operational costs.
    Question 2:
    Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team? @stavan5

    Here is a file with all the information. The team will receive and keep 12% of the entire supply.
    ��� Supply – We’re using the biggest distribution (25%) for our community and user base rewards and growth.
    ��� Vesting – Our vesting has a long term strategy to allow us to build a great product, prove the business model and grow a strong community.
    ��� Scarcity – Full circulation should take around 10 years but we have a burn mechanism in place for each transaction that takes place on the platform. 90% will go towards our staking pool and 10% will be burned forever. No extra tokens will ever be created after the TGE.
    Question 3:
    Could you share some plans for the upcoming year? Which part of the project are you most focused on right now? @millu0202
    Hey @millu0202 great question. Platform MVP (minimum viable product / mainnet V1) and onboarding our first startup in August is our main focus right now. For the rest of the year, expect constant Decubate platform updates (new features and functionality) and we continue to prepare for mainnet launch early ‘22
    Question 4:
    Many new projects develop well at first, but then fail to achieve good results. How will you manage and develop your project to gain a position in the market and become a good project in the blockchain industry? @kramniop
    Being consistent will be the key to our success. Consistently improving our platform, consistently onboarding great startups and consistently growing our community. If we stay consistent, I’m highly confident Decubate will be here to stay!
    Question 5:
    Has any audit been done by your project? how secure is to use your platform tell us about adopted security measures?what steps will you take so that your security can last in the long term? @Tung0011
    We will let three different official auditors audit all our contracts. We will announce more of that in upcoming days.
    Our token contract has already been audited.
    For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information or ask directly to them on the links provided below:
    Telegram (chat):
    Telegram (announcements):

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