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    Recap AMA With NEXTYPE

    On July 9th 2021, our community had a chance to welcome Ronn – COO of NEXTYPE to join in an AMA to give fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of NEXTYPE – is an open, cross-chain integrated application ecosystem built on Games, NFT, and DeFi for next generation.
    Time: 14:00 UTC / 21:00 UTC +7, Sunday, July 18th, 2021
    Airdrop: 100 USDT for the best questions in the AMA..

    Part 1: Project and Guest Introduction.
    Question 1. Firstly, can you give me brief introduction about your management team and NEXTYPE?
    Thanks for your question.
    We define NEXTYPE as the cross-chain GAME+NFT+DeFi integrated application ecology, which will create more efficient and freer NFT swapping protocols for the blockchain world and provide users with high-quality blockchain game Dapps.
    In fact, NEXTYPE not only needs to complete the underlying technical support and the self-research of blockchain games, but also provides an ecological platform for partners to participate in co-construction, co-governance, and co-sharing.
    To realize this mission, we will launch 8-10 self-developed games with various themes and playing methods in this year, and link at least 10 cooperative games to construct NEXTYPE Games matrix.

    These are some games we will launch this year.
    Another news is that the open beta test of MiningTycoon, initial game of NEXTYPE, will be launched within 20 hours. Remarkable revenue and BTC are waiting for you to mine. Mining with friends to get invitation bonus!
    And AirDrop held with CoinMarketCap is ongoing, which will distribute 30,000 USDT valued NT. Get free NT through some easy tasks. Join in here:
    Question 2: Please share a few major milestones of NEXTYPE during its development process.
    The first and most important is that whitelist reservation of MiningTycoon exceeds 40K. That is a great milestone and means a lot to us.
    There are more:
    1.$NT has been listed on CoinMarketCap before the game launch, which rarely happen unless they agreed that the project have great potential. And Airdrop jointly held with CoinMarketCap has started, please join to share 20K USDT valued NT
    2.The smart contracts has been audited by CERTIK
    3.We have been formally invited to join the BGA (Blockchain Game Alliance)
    4.We have reached strategic cooperation with SeeSea Japan, a well-known Japanese company, and Quaras, a subsidiary of Fuji Media. And we have signed up with more than 1000 IP units
    The open beta test of MiningTycoon will be launched at 3:00pm(UTC+7) on 19th July, which is also very important for us. We sincerely invite you to join:
    Question 3: Could you share with us your plan to expand locally as well as globally?
    NEXTYPE is a global project. And our CMO, David Gulasi, as well as a Video Blogger with more than 20 million fans worldwide, has started the global promotion for MiningTycoon!
    The airdrop held with CMC for global players is ongoing now, and there will be another with HECO very soon. So our project is in progress globally. This is our global community:
    Plz join in and keep updated!
    As for local market. We have invited some local ambassadors helping us to create local communities.
    Vietnamese Group:
    Chinese Group:
    Indian & Pakistan Group:
    And Arabic community will be created soon!


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    ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey
    And there are some videos Russian KOLs with 500K fans put on TikTok. MiningTycoon will be available in multiple languages for global players to enjoy mining revenue!
    In general, NEXTYPE is going well locally and globally. If you got abilities to help us to promote, plz DM me.
    Part 2: 5 questions pre-collected by Twitter post.
    Question 1: Nowadays, crypto hacks and attacks have rose significantly. What steps or measures you have took to avoid it in #NEXTYPE @cr_drops_offl
    Users’ assets security is guaranteed in NEXTYPE.
    First, every operation related with users’ crypto assets is carried out via well-tested and deployed smart contracts. There is no way for anything (including NEXTYPE developer team) to manipulate users’ assets.
    Second, all smart contract source code is available in the GitHub repo. Anyone is welcome to review the source code and compare it with the deployed version on the blockchain.
    Third, our smart contract source code has been audited by the prestigious security company CertiK. Before our launch, they have helped us tested and improved the security mechanisms. Here is the audit report:
    So users in NEXTYPE will never face the security issues!
    Question 2: How can is #NEXTYPE get users to bet and hold the native token for predetermined periods of time to reduce volatility, what strategies can they apply to achieve this and if not, how would it affect it? @luckyjem02
    Here I need to introduce our initial game, MiningTycoon.
    MiningTycoon is aimed at developing an interesting game with the properties of games and blockchain, which is developed in the path of traditional games.
    MiningTycoon uses virtual mining as a core game method. In addition to NT reward, mining will also produce other buff props, such as Mining License, which is an essential prop to participate in the high-level BTC mining pool. Players can collect and stake the Mining License to get BTC every day. In the future, players can get NFT through staking mining.
    Yes, that is right. You can get REAL BTC in MiningTycoon!
    This is the gameplay introduction which tells you how to get more BTC.
    Users could stake to earn more revenue in MiningTycoon and experience the fun of game. So they can avoid the volatility of price.
    Question 3: After listing on the exchange, investors let go, causing the token’s usefulness and good infrastructure to perform poorly. The question is: How can you avoid early investors selling their tokens? @ci_monhho
    Yes, $NT will be listed on some DEX very soon. And there won’t be a lot of NT saled.
    Because the early investment opportunity is just for institutions, and there will be a lock-up period for the tokens of institutional investors. And we avoided single institution to hold a large number of tokens when financing. Through these two ways, we can effectively avoid the dumping behavior of giant whale.
    As for individual players, the tokens aren mianly produced through the mining behavior of users, so that the tokens can be held by more players in a more decentralized way.
    And various consumption scenarios based on NT will promote the stable rise of prices. That’ why the users will hold the tokens for a long term instead selling them.
    Question 4: The emerging “DeFi + NFT’’ combo is gaining steam. Could you shed light on how @NEXTYPE1 combines DeFi and NFT? And what advantages does @NEXTYPE1 enjoy that set it apart from other NFT projects? @RomanShed0004
    Compared with other projects, the advantage of NEXTYPE is the combination.
    We used DeFi to design our games, for example, staking in MiningTycoon. You can choose USDT single Token or USDT+NT double Token staking. Of course, the APR of the latter is higher, which will exceed 240% in the beginning of the game.
    And NFT in NEXTYPE will not just be a collection, we will create interesting mechanisms to combine with game. The launch date of NFT Master will be determined by the NFT collection in MiningTycoon. The development team will design a interseting way to play in miningtycoon, so that all players can participate in a grand mining journey and jointly promote the official launch of NFT master. This is just one example, there are more fun scenarios for the combination between NFT and Game in NEXTYPE.
    To sum up, NEXTYPE hopes to offer a blockchain game platform which is high in proficiency and low in cost. We are trying to define the new form of blockchain game for next generation.
    Question 5: Why is it important to purchase and maintain $NT from an investment perspective? Would you mind tell us what are the benefits of holding $NT? @charliepotz
    NT is the ecological token of NEXTYPE, which plays a very important role in the ecosystem and will be used in many games presented by NEXTYPE. The total supply is 1,000,000,000 and 70% of them will be used as mining rewards.
    We have created several consumption scenarios for NT:
    1) Staking: Players can gain extra yields from all kinds of games presented or supported by NEXTYPE through staking their NT. For example, there are several staking mechanism in MiningTycoon, including NT single token staking and NT+USDT double token staking with higher yields. The APR of latter one will exceed 240% at the early stage of after game launch.
    Even more, advanced players could stake to mine BTC in the game every day.
    2) Game Purchasing: Every game launched by NEXTYPE will set NT recharge functions. Players need to use NT to purchase NFT, props or other value assets in the game, to realize NT buybacks and increase NT value.
    3) DAO Governance: Players could participate the NEXTYPE Governance through NT voting, such as games launch, popular recommendations.
    4) Burning: In the future, 15% of each week’s yields, generated by the MiningTycoon and other cooperative games, will be used to buy NT back from the secondary market to burn. And the upper limit of burning is 20% of the total supply.
    With all these consumption scenarios, NT circulation will decrease, while the investment attraction to rise. So this is defintely a great opportunity for you to invest in NT at early stage.
    Question 1: Staking programme is very important for any project, Can i stake your token? Do you have any plan of starting staking programme? @chickenmai
    We established a Staking mechanism in MiningTycoon.
    1.Players who just enter the game without NT need to stake USDT to mine NT. Once got NT, players could choose to stake NT or USDT+NT to gain higher yields.
    2.For advanced players with Mining License, they can stake USDT+Mining License to get fascinating BTC rewards.
    3.In future, players could stake their NT to mine other project’s tokens in cooperative mining pool or NFT.
    And we will design more interesting staking mechanism with higher yields in other games to attract and hold users.
    Question 2: Is it not it will be the wrong decision to launch the project in this bear market? Every coin going down whether good or bad. How do you see this? @helloaevn
    First, we are very confident in the quality of the project, which we believe is the key factor to decide if a project could go further.
    Beside, maybe bear market is an opportunity for us. Because we are focusing on blockchain game field. So Users may pay more attention to interesting and valuable projects like us rather than projects that make fast money.
    Question 3: Are you working on any partnerships or marketing initiatives to help build awareness for your platform? @Sharaylug
    Obviously, HECO is our most prominent partner, which provde huge support for our project. And another AMA and Airdrop held with HECO is coming soon, be prepared for that!
    Besides, we have reached strategic cooperation with SeeSea Japan, a well-known Japanese company, and Quaras, a subsidiary of Fuji Media. This is an important milestone for us to enter the Japanese IP market. Including some well-known anime IPs, we have signed up with more than 1000 IP units covering the mainstream IP from China, the US, Japan, and other countries. These cooperative IPs will generate a variety of NFTs on chain in the form of various derivatives. And it will become a value bridge between games and other application scenarios.
    And we have been formally invited to join the BGA (Blockchain Game Alliance). So far, BGA has attracted more than 100 well-known institutions such as Ubisoft, AMD, and Aave, Opensea, Metamask, Matic. We will work with BGA and its members to promote the application and development of blockchain in the game’s fields.
    Besides, the CMO of NEXTYPE, Uncle David, who has over 20 million fans on the global video sharing apps, started a global warming-up campaign. Viewers of game videos released on Tik Tok exceeded 60K, covering nearly one million users.
    Question 4: Do you have burning and buy back mechanism to help the value of your token. By boosting the value? @dammemuahang
    Good question. We do have burning mechanism.15% of each week’s yields generated by the MiningTycoon and other cooperative games will be used to buy NT back to burn. And the upper limit of burning is 20% of the NT total supply volume.
    Besides, as I mentioned before, several scenarios were created for NT consumption, such as staking, Game purchasing and voting, so that the circulation of NT will decrease, and investment attractiveness will increase gradually.
    Question 5: What are the important social media links to follow announcement of your projects ? @howtush
    🔹Telegram Channel:
    🔹Telegram Group:
    Welcome to join and stay with us to keep updated!
    For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information or ask directly to them on the links provided below:
    🔹Telegram Channel:
    🔹Telegram Group:

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