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    Recap AMA With NFTMars

    On  July 2th 2021, our community had a chance to welcome Willian Jones – Developer Of NFTMars to join in an AMA to give fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of NFTMars –  a hyper deflationary token, rewards its hodlers while incorporating their automatic buy-back approach.
    Time 13:00 UTC / 20:00 UTC +7, Friday, July 2th 2021
    Airdrop 100 USDT for the best questions in the AMA..
    Question for Part 1- Project overview
    Question 1: Firstly, can you give me brief introduction about your management team and NFTMARS?
    Willian Jones:
    Sure, My name’s William Jones, Im from UK , currently living in british virgin island.
    Our team comes from many countries UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, Singapore. We have many years of experience working in large projects and investment funds, inspired by the project of 1 million people living on Mars. We created NFTMARS to help users experience the Martian life they’ve always wanted
    NFTMARS is a project with many NFT development platforms that allows users to create and build their own virtual world on Mars
    Question 2: We would like to share the key milestones through the roadmap, showing the important milestones that we will achieve in 2021.
    Willian Jones:

    We would like to share the key milestones through the roadmap, showing the important milestones that we will achieve in 2021.
    Question 3: Could you share with us your plan to expand locally as well as globally?
    Willian Jones:
    With a strong marketing campaign, we have been building a community of countries like India, NFTMARS Asia, Pakistan, China….in the near future we will have a strong community experience across dozens of countries. We believe we will be the unique NFT project in 2021.
    Questions for Part 2 – Pre-collected questions from Twitter:
    Question 1: Twitter from @quachthingoc96

    Many people still don’t have much idea of how NFTs work and how to acquire them, is #NFTMARS beginner-friendly in the world of NFTs? Do we have to have advanced knowledge or #NFTMARS intuitive enough for inexperienced users?
    Willian Jones:
    Here we would like to share details about the NFTMARS. project
    NFTMARS is a decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. In the NFTMARS platform, users can create, experience life on Mars, and monetize the content and products they create.
    This is your one-stop shop for lands, animals, tools, and cosmetics ranging from the usual NFT to the legendary. NFTMARS has basically all the great stuff you need to nurture your Mars plot into the land of your dreams.
    The finite, traversable 3D virtual space in NFTMARS is known as LAND, a non-fungible digital asset maintained in the Binance Smart Chain smart contract. Land is divided into parcels of land determined using Cartesian coordinates (x, y). These parcels are permanently owned by community members and purchased with MARS, the NFTMARS cryptocurrency token. This gives users full control over the environments and applications they create, which can include anything from static 3D scenes to more interactive apps or games.
    NFTMARS provides the infrastructure to support the shared virtual world, also known as The Metaverse. It consists of decentralized land ownership ledgers, a protocol for describing the contents of each land, and a peer-to-peer network for user authors.
    NFT Mars creates a parallel world but better than the one you live in. A place where you can create anything unique and easily connect with others who share your interests and passions.
    And especially you can earn money from your own creations.
    NFTMARS — A world created by you.

    The Marketplace is the optimal location for trading and managing your NFTMARS on- and off-chain assets.
    Access the Marketplace at
    You can use the Marketplace to:
    Buy or sell NFT collectibles created by individuals or companies (“Collections”)
    Sell LAND and real estate parcels, as well as wearables and personal names.
    Buy parcels and estates, as well as wearables and personal names.
    Transfer ownership of your parcels and real estate to another user.
    Discover who owns what, what wearable devices exist, and which names are confirmed using the map.

    This simple powerful free 3D builder modeling allows users to create and animate 3D objects before exporting them to the NFTMARS market to be used as an ASSET in a game.
    THE NFT MARKETPLACE: The NFTMARS web-based marketplace allows users to upload, publish and sell their BUILDER-created works (properties).

    We have ambitions to bring to the software community the MultiBaas NFT Bridge, a bridge that allows developers, both private and public, to rapidly prototype and build blockchain applications. One of their main goals is to create a world in which blockchain technology is imperceptible, with technical details concealed behind the scenes.
    The pairing will allow businesses to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other blockchain technologies directly into their consumer applications. MultiBaas is software, or middleware, that enables the development of decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain.
    It can move ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 assets bidirectionally between Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and xDai. Additionally, MultiBass is also capable of integrating digital asset cross-chain features directly into a variety of applications. These applications include decentralized finance (Defi), financial services, NFT, online gaming, and virtual reality

    Anyone who owns ASSETS, whether they were created in BUILDER or purchased, can use them with the third ecosystem and most important product, Game Maker and Game. When launched in Game Maker mode, this product allows users to stake and spend their ASSETS on a piece of LAND tokens (BEP-721) in the virtual world. Users can customize their LAND with ASSETs and more importantly, implement fun and nuanced gameplay mechanics by assigning predefined behaviors to ASSETs via intuitive scripting buttons. This effectively transforms LAND from a decorative experience to a game experience.
    NFTMARS — Build from a solid foundation to grow.
    The NFTMARS virtual world empowers players and creators through the use of blockchain and NFT technology. NFT is an emerging segment in the global gaming market, consisting of virtual tokens used for digital scarcity, security, and authentication. Each NFT is separate or unique, it is indivisible and not interchangeable.

    NFTMARS — Get ready for a booming new economy !
    We are introducing two digital assets: LAND and Mars Token. Land is an asset that can be hoarded due to its scarcity and inability to be created. As for Mars Token is the main means of transaction in NFTMARS and increases the value and development of the project.
    LAND’s utility is based on its proximity to other centers of attention, its ability to host applications, and also its identification mechanism. Developers and other content creators will require LAND to construct structures and accomplish their objectives. While all unclaimed LAND can be purchased at the same exchange rate (50 MARS = 1 LAND), LAND is distinct from one another and can be traded at a variety of prices. On the secondary market due to the difference in exchange rates and forwards.
    Be the first to build your world.
    NFTMARS is a distributed platform for creating and monetizing applications in a shared virtual world on Mars. Along with the buildable apps, the scarce land fund will establish user attention centers, assisting content creators in increasing revenue. MARS tokens will be used to buy land, goods, and services in the world. The MARS token will also be used to incentivize content creation and user adoption, thus launching the first decentralized virtual world.
    Question 2: @ngotrihuynh
    Are there rules to be able to market our NFTs? Should they be made under the criteria of the NFTMARS platform or our collectibles, already ready for a long time, can they simply be exported directly to the vault to be able to bet?
    Willian Jones:
    The Marketplace is the right place to trade and manage all your NFTMARS on-chain and off-chain assets
    Visit the Marketplace at
    The marketplace allows you to:
    Buy or sell collectibles NFTs created by individuals or companies (“Collections”)
    Sell parcels and Estates of LAND, wearables, and unique names.
    Buy parcels and Estates, wearables, and unique names that are for sale.
    Transfer the ownership of your parcels and estates to another user.
    Through a map, discover who owns what, what wearables exist, and what names are claimed.

     The Platform is built on the BSC network and enables users to own, purchase, and sell collectible NFTs created by individuals or companies (“Collections”) via the Marketplace. Collection metadata for Collections generated by NFTMARS is stored on IPFS.
     NFTs are BSC-based tokens that comply with the BEP-721 standard or other similar “non-fungible” token standard. Note that while multiple NFTs refer to a single Collection, some NFTs are interchangeable while others NFTs are not.
    The Collection owner shall not own any intellectual property (“IP”) or other rights in any underlying digital artwork referenced by the NFT. Like when an artist sells an actual work of art, such as a painting, the author of the Collection (“Creator”) or the artist who worked with the Creator (“Artist”), which generally retains a range of IP and other rights associated with the underlying digital artwork. Creators or Artists  may have the ability  to enforce their IPR rights against users who infringe those rights. Generally, creators grant us the necessary licenses to promote their Collections for sale and enable secondary trading of each Collection. When you purchase a Collection, you have the option of transferring it to another party.
      Give your parcels and Real Estate a public name and description..
    Give other users permission to edit parcels you own.
    Sell   LAND’s parcels and real estate, wearables and personal name
    with us, you can Mint, create and build your own NFTs inside or outside of our project, all of which can be easily listed and traded on our Marketplace
    Question 3: @Dcuon_thi
    How can NFTMARS create motivations or incentives for first-time users to connect with NFTMARS NFT? Many platforms pay referral fees for users to attract them and expand their customer reach. Is this the way NFTMARS works or is there some other plans?
    Willian Jones:
    We are a combination of minting, NFT creation, exploration, and building virtual worlds, games! You can unleash your creativity and create a world of your own in our 3d space with us. We encourage players to join for almost zero fees and provide them with software the builder SDK a simple drag and drop editing and scene builder no coding required; everything is intuitive. Many default items are available for you to use. gives you a feeling of being strong and living your dream
    Question 4: @HONGphc50627894
    What do you think about the boom of the NFT + DeFi association that is causing so much interest in the world? How does Your project take advantage of and exploit this reality?
    Willian Jones:
    Yes, as you all know, Defi and NFT is a very strong wave in 2021. With the growing development of the cryptocurrency and digital asset space, we actively create digital assets in a world virtual world called Mars so that users can access DEFI AND NFT most easily and intuitively, we believe we will be a huge digital asset creation platform in the next few years
    Question 5: @AqibAli00257417
    Your whole team make a great roadmap for the investor and you do a great work but still there are many new investor they still not able to choose in which coin they invest so how  you and your team will attract the new investor? Is there any plan for it?
    Willian Jones:
    we selected launchpad on Moonpad launcher. They have a huge community with our strong marketing campaigns and Moonpad; we will finish presale soon and become the biggest cap tokens
    In addition, our MARS token holders also enjoy the special benefits that the MARS token smart-contract brings,$MARS token is an original activity-focused token that focuses on community and unforgettable experiences.
    $MARS TOKEN combined the formula for a great token. It has great functions such as buy back and anti-bot.
    ✅ 8% automatic buy-back
    ✅ 4%- earn #BNB while hodling $NFTMARS
    ✅ 3% goes marketing
    REAL-TIME Rewards are automatically distributed to $MARS holders.
    Question 1:
    -Are you planning to promote, your project in different countries where English, is not good???
    -Do you have a local community, for them to better understand your project??,
    Willian Jones:
    With a strong marketing campaign, we have been building a community of countries like India, NFTMARS Asia, Pakistan, China….in the near future we will have a strong community experience across dozens of countries. We believe we will be the unique NFT project in 2021.
    Question 2
    Are you planning to burn or buy back any tokens from the market in the future? Do you have such programs?Are you planning to burn or buy back any tokens from the market in the future? Do you have such programs?
    Willian Jones:
    NFTMARS Token ($MARS) Bringing the Buy-Back concept into Crypto. Every rise has a fall. So every fall must have a rise too.
    You all know of a coin which created a path for 1000s of coins to follow the road. You have seen coins with passive rewards distributed, auto liquidity addition, burning the tokens, claiming the daily BNB rewards or lotteries.
    Now there is a new protocol called ‘NFTMARS’ coming your way based on the concept of Buy-Back
    What does Buy-Back mean?
    In the stock market environment, Buy-Back means buying back the shares of a company in the open market, which increases the value of the stock and in turn increases the shareholder value. People always love companies announcing Buy-Backs, because it increases the demand and creates more buying pressure
    In a nutshell, when the companies announce Buy-Back, their stock rises immediately.
    NFTMARS takes this concept and brings it into the crypto market
    On the NFTMARS protocol, the currencies are bought back from the market, increasing the investor’s value and also sends those tokens to a dead wallet after Buy-Back, which in turn increases the circulating supply value.
    Be part of this new innovative concept and join as early investors to maximize your benefit
    NFTMARS Token
    A token created on a new protocol based on the Buy-Back concept to increase the investor’s value in the token
    Every rise has a fall
    So every fall must have a rise too
    This is our core principle
    8% goes to Buyback Tax
    3% goes to marketing
    4% is distributed among the holders
    Question 3:
    What is your most ambitious goal of your project? We would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?
    Willian Jones:
    Currently we have finished building the NFTMARS MARKETPLACE market, coming soon after the presale is completed we will complete The builder and Bridge platform! and with strong features and ecosystem we will dedicate ourselves to make NFT a huge wave in 2021 and many years to come
    Question 4:
    I wanted to follow your project for the long term. Where i can get all the latest news about your project? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?
    Willian Jones:
    ✅NFTMARS ( Social:
    Question 5:
    Do you have any plans for #NFTMARS about Future Steps? But when will that step be taken?
    Willian Jones:

    you can see our roadmap here:

    For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information or ask directly to them on the links provided below:

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